Announcement! Couple Rock-nRollingMemphis Rock'n'Roll Club will re-open (again)for club nights

 Wednesday 25th April. 7pm.

After a 3 week break triggered by a bit of surge of cases the committee agreed it was time to re-open as a number of the committee have had and now recovered from covid.


If you have covid or are a household contact of someone with covid please do NOT attend, you should be isolating.

If you are unwell or have any of the common covid symptoms please do not attend

To reduce the risk of spreading or contracting Covid we recommend all attendees:
•    Be double vaxed
•    Boosted
•    Wear their mask when moving around off the dance floor.
•    Limit the number of different dance partners
•    Use hand sanitiser frequently, (certainly if changing partners)
•    Maintain distancing when practical
•    Use their own cup
•    Wipe common touch surfaces
These are NOT conditions of entry! If you are still unsure then maybe you should wait until you are happy with the level if risk.
We will provide tea, coffee etc but you must bring your own cup if you wish to have any beverages, and please sanitise before preparing your refreshment.
We look forward to seeing everyone back.
Let’s ‘rock on’ as safely as we can, by all doing what we need to, to stay safe.