Welcome to Memphis Rockers, Hamilton

Who are we?

Memphis Rockers is Hamilton's newest Rock 'n' Roll club. We provide a friendly, easy environment where members can dance to a variety of Rock 'n' Roll music from across the generations using the 1950's free style Rock 'n' Roll dance technique.

We draw our identity from the famous birth place of Elvis, who for many reflect the 1950's Rock 'n' Roll culture.

Joining The Memphis Rock 'n' Roll Club brings together a group of like minded people who enjoy the 1950's culture, music and dancing style that has lasted generations.

You can learn how to improve your dance style, attend dance hops and make some great friends.
We also enjoy a smattering of sequence or line dances for enjoyable variety.

New visitors can attend the first club night free; see the membership officer. ( Does not apply for lessons, Mini Hops, or affiliated club members)

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