Memphis Rockers Clubnights

Memphis Rockers meet on a Wednesday evening at the Frankton Rugby Sports Club rooms. The meetings are very welcoming to all comers no matter their level of skill. There is most often a good mix of guys and girls but there are times when there is a shortage of men partners to dance with and extras are welcome.

We have established a reputation for the most friendly and welcoming club because everyone goes for the fun and just love to Rock-n-Roll. The facilities of the club are ideal to facilitate this atmosphere. When there is no formal lessons on, there are numbers of members who share a step or two with anyone wanting to try out a new move. You can also ask for advice and tips from anyone.

Members & affiliated club members $3.00, Visitors $5.00. Tea, coffee, milo included.

Where: Frankton Rugby Sports Club Riflerange Road.

Time: 7:00 pm till 10 pm or until everyone has danced enough.

If lessons are being run they start at 7 pm and club night follows on afterwards.   Usually by  8 pm.

Join us:
  •  Some members come singly or in groups and enjoy dancing with other members in a similar situation
  • others come as a couple but still have the odd dance with other people
  • other couples come together and do not choose to dance with anyone else
It’s a personal decision which we all respect. Please do not take offence if you don’t get asked to dance quite as often as you might like.