Date for our next  beginners. Late 2022. Watch this space

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Classes are held at the Frankton Rugby Sports Club from 7 - 7.55 pm on Wed club night.  After the lessons is our regular club night which you are encouraged to stay on for. Free tea/coffee/milo and a biscuit is available.

Your teaching team is lead by experienced dancers and teach in an informal, friendly environment. Beginners steps
     Basic-              Tap-Down,                Tap-Down,               Back-Front (Step). 
     Guys feet               Left                            Right                      Left-Right
     Ladies feet             Right                          Left                        Right-Left
     timing ->               1---and                      2---and                  3----and
or ->                 1---2                          3---4                        5---6

Right Turn - Left Turn

Shoulder Slide

Tummy Tickle

  Walk thru

Spanish Arms

 She Turns-He Turns


Washing Machine


Finish - Lean

Please let us know via our message form if you intend coming to the beginner classes.

After a lesson series we  have a shared supper night or a mini-hop.  More information will be available about this on this site and the regular club night.