5  sessions start Wed 3rd March  6:50pm for registration.

This is an entry level course to give you the knowledge and skill to dance Rock 'n' Roll at a social level.
The lessons and mini hops do not qualify for your "first night is FREE" deal. This you can use on the next ordinary club night if you have not previously done so.

Classes are held at the Frankton Rugby Sports Club from 7 - 7.50 pm on Wed club night.  After the lessons is our regular club night which you are encouraged to stay on for. Free tea/coffee/milo and a biscuit is available.

Your teaching team is lead by experienced dancers and teach in an informal, friendly environment. Beginners steps
Basic-                   Tap-Down,                Tap-Down,               Back-Front (Step). 
     Guys feet               Left                            Right                      Left-Right
     Ladies feet             Right                          Left                        Right-Left
     timing ->               1---and                      2---and                  3----and.

Right Turn - Left Turn

Shoulder Slide

Tummy Tickle

  Walk thru

Spanish Arms

 She Turns-He Turns


Washing Machine


Finish - Lean

Please let us know via our message form if you intend coming to the beginner classes.

After the 5 weeks we  have a shared supper.  More information will be available about this on this site and the regular club night.